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Borders STEM Festival

May 25, 2022

Two days of STEM based activities held in Kelso with the first day pupils from schools all over the Borders attending. Dr Alistair McConnell and Dr Samantha Clark led the HWU contribution where the pupils had the opportunity to learn how to code a simulated Miro robot before sending the code to the robot right next to them and watch it move. They were also able to program a set of Cozmos robots in different tasks and drive one of our telepresence robots, remotely, to visit our Robotic Assisted Living Testbed (RALT). Finally, two research assistants Esther Rayssiguie and Karolina Judzentyte demonstrated and answered questions about the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics, a quadruped and their career paths.

The second day saw teachers from all over Scotland descend on the STEM Festival to see what is being done in the schools and universities and to help foster collaboration for future outreach activities within the schools.