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Our members have backgrounds in computer science, biomedical image and signal processing, electronics engineering, industrial design, machine learning, cognitive robotics, and social robotics. Our group is comprised of two faculty members, four PhD students, and a range of bachelor's and master's level students working on individual and group projects throughout the academic year.

Academic Faculty

Dr Mauro Dragone
Assistant Professor
Dr Marta Vallejo
Research Fellow

Doctoral Students

Alexandre Colle
September 2019 - Present
Scott MacLeod
June 2018 - Present
Ronnie Smith
September 2018 - Present
Thomas Gillett
October 2020 - Present

Research Assistants

Meriam Moujahid
Meriam Moujahid
September 2020 - Present

Research Associates

Petros Papadopoulos
Petros Papadopoulos
September 2020 - Present

Master's Students


Ashwin Rajendran Research Assistant 2020
Sara Cooper Postgraduate Research Student (MSc) 2019
Ronnie Smith Postgruadute Research Student (MScR) 2019
Guillaume Gautier Postgruadute Research Student (MSc) 2018
Alexandre Chamand Postgruadute Research Student (MSc) 2018
Nuno Marques da Silva Postgraduate Research Student (MSc) 2018
Wanjung Feng Postgraduate Research Student (MSc) 2017
Paola Ardon Postgraduate Research Student (MScR) 2017
Jean-Baptiste Dupuy Postgraduate Research Student (MSc) 2020